Forex Trading Scanner Dashboard for all time frames and instruments with no-repaint buy and sell signals.

The Best No Repaint Arrow Indicator MT4 Perfect For Scalping On Any Instrument.

Artificial Intelligence Deep Learning – Forex-Pin™ using Neural Network.

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Imagine you can get a Forex indicator that shows you when the Forex trade volume reaches the most exhausting point. What will happen then? Conditions like these make reversals nearly imminent, meaning you can count on a very accurate buy or sell opportunity. It is popularly known as overbought or oversold which technically speaking is not correct. The market volume cannot be overbought or oversold. But as of today, the Forex industry has adapted these terms and we will continue using them as well.

The Forex trading scanner Forex-Pin™ is not an overbought or oversold indicator but a highly advanced Forex market scanner system that lets you know when the market volume appears to be on the edge, exhausted, and boiled up. The outcome is accurate no-repaint trading signals. 

Forex-Pin™ sample trade on the H1 time frame.

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If you are looking for 150 nonsense signals a day on lower time frames, then you are not serious about Forex trading. Forex-Pin™ will give you just a few signals a day, only the ones that matter. Forex is a seasonal business. On major holidays the market has no movements and this results in fewer signals as well. A lot of “traders” don’t even have knowledge of how the financial market works. You cannot install this software and expect a bunch of profit at the same moment. You need to go with the market. I ask you respectfully if you don’t have any experience with Forex just don’t purchase this tool please, because you won’t stop complaining.

Forex Pin™ market scanner works with any MT4 instrument.

With the Forex scanner dashboard, you can switch between time frames and instruments without opening charts manually. The Forex market scanner can be used with any MT4 and MT5 instruments. You can trade cryptos like Bitcoin, currency pairs, metals like gold, etc., indices like the German Dax or USDIndex and of course commodities for example copper, coffee, and sugar. This Forex scanner is one of the few MetaTrader systems you can trade shares with like, for example, Google, Apple, Intel, Tesla, Amex, etc.

Forex Market Scanner
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Select your preferred time frames and add more instruments.

world best forex indicator

The automated installation wizard makes the software setup an easy task. Easy to follow the rules guarantee simple trading.

How to install Forex-Pin™.
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How to trade with Forex-Pin™.
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Artificial intelligence Neural Network with more than 5,000,000 data points, self-training and, extending daily.

The FX Tech Group company neural network has built-up more than 5,000,000 data points since late 2016. Most of the neural network systems in the Forex industry are not having more than an average of 400,000 data points. Today the world is highly interconnected, and it takes a fraction of a second to transmit financial news around the globe. The reaction of the markets to market news tends to have an impact on the economic time series. The sequence of those reactions creates patterns that some practitioners believe that if history repeats itself, so does the market reaction. A deep learning artificial intelligence is only as good as the data you feed. Our hybrid TensorFlow model runs on powerful machines in two datacenters on the Asian and American continents. The “computing strategy returns” of our artificial intelligence are highly accurate, especially for short term targets of 15 – 40pips.

forex neural network
Forex-Pin python hybrid TensorFlow model code sample.

To future predict or forecast the financial market to produce accurate trading signals with the Forex-Pin™ market scanner is only possible with a cutting-edge AI. The performance of the economic forecasting model depends primarily upon three general factors: the appropriate data processing and presentation, the optimal trading strategies, and the structure of the forecasting model.

If you are using Forex-Pin in conjunction with Agimat FX®

Combine the potent Forex trading system Agimat FX® with Forex-Pin to get extreme accuracy with Forex trading.

Whenever you get an arrow from Forex-Pin™ Trading System and an arrow with a yellow box from the Agimat FX®, the candles are approaching a strong Resistance and Support zone. Scroll left and find the Resistance and Support zone and mark them. Then, wait for the candle to reach the R/S zone. Once the candle has reached the R/S zone, wait for the white arrow from the Agimat FX® to place a trade.

The Take Profit is the next arrow from Pin Trading System. It’s truly a powerful trading tool when you combine these two to find the R/S zone!

Step 1.
Wait for an arrow from Pin Trading System and arrow with the yellow box from Agimat in 1H time frame

Step 2.
Mark Resistance and Support Zone in 4H and Daily time frame

Step 3.
Wait for the candle to reach the R/S zone you marked in the 4H and Daily time frame

Step 4.
Wait for an entry arrow from Agimat in the 1H time frame to place a trade

Step 5.
Take Profit is the next arrow from Pin Trading System in the 1H time frames

Forex-Pin™ is a Registered Trademark.

The Forex-Pin™ brand is an officially registered Trademark and approved by the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office). For more details click here.

Free Forex Trade Copier Membership included.

The Forex Trade Copier of Dennis has a very high success rate!

Trade Copier performance Dennis Buchholz

With a license of Forex-Pin™, you will be added to a Forex Scalp Trade Copier, meaning you get daily scalp trades from Dennis copied into your account. The performance of Dennis is exorbitant well. The free trade copier service provided by Dennis gives you freedom (depends on your initial balance). Dennis has never failed to close a month positive.

–> Forex-Pin™ real-time performance (click).

One Time License Fee €174

  • Lifetime license.
  • Forex-Pin™ updates.
  • Two installations demo and/or live.
  • Email support within 24hrs.

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