Forex-Pin Speculative Sentiment Index Expert Advisor FAQ

You should start with an investment of at least $3.000 or equal in EUR, GBP.

Average drawdown has a realistic 10%.

During the following occasions you can expect a drawdown of 15-20%:
– Christmas
– Holy Week
– Month of June and July

Especially during the festive seasons I suggest turning off the autotrade function on your MT4.
Christmas, turn off the EA from November – January.

Yes you should. It makes so much sense to have the EA running on a VPS.

You get a high performance infrastructure with stable internet connection.

I can give you a 7 days free trial on a VPS (here)

Follow this tutorial video on how to setup the VPS.


The EA will not trade on Sunday (market opening) and on Fridays.



NFP does not affect the EA since the system won’t trade on Fridays. All other news events are irrelevant for the EA.

The EA has been tested with many brokers. We have learned the LQDFX has delivered the best results, especially when it comes to swap fees, which you cannot prevent sometimes.

best forex broker

The most decent low spread ECN broker if you are from the U.S.A., Canada or rest of the world. No restrictions.

Join here.

To keep it simple, no more than a max. of 4 trades at the same time. But mostly you will see only 1-2 open positions at the same time.

The EA has to be  placed on M5 charts using the following 6 pairs:


Yes, But I hardly don’t recommend this. Let the EA take care of everything.

Yes, simply turn off the autotrade function on your MT4. In case you have open trades, no worries, the EA will take care of this.

Sure! Please read withdraw conditions of your broker.

Yes. Everything has been setup for you. Please see tutorial video.

Yes, you can adjust everything.

But after many tests I strongly recommend using the pre-set money management. Have a look to the verified Myfxbook results and you see that our settings are the best one you can go with safely.

It can be from just a few minutes up too few days. That is why you should go with the recommended broker to avoid big swap fees.

Yes you can, but keep the downtime as short as possible when rebooting your MT4 during market hours. During the weekend when the market is closed you can restart your MT4 anytime.